15th AUGUST, 2021

My dear fellow citizens,

On this glorious day of celebrations of our great nation’s 75th Independence Day as   ‘Azadi Ka Amrut Mahotsav’, I extend my warm greetings to all the citizens of this beautiful mountain State of Arunachal Pradesh, a land of dawn-lit mountains depicting diverse and culturally rich tribal communities living in peace and harmony for centuries.  Dear Friends, today, as we enter into the 75th year of our Independence, it is an opportune time to look back at our journey so that we can charter our journey ahead as a great nation.

75 years ago, on this auspicious day, we the citizens of this great nation had pledged to build an India of the dream of our forefathers. After 75 years, we can say with pride that we have come a long way, making significant achievements in every field. Under the leadership of our visionary Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi ji, the country has witnessed an unprecedented development during last few years.

  1. Our journey as a nation has been exemplary. From a food deficit country to not only self-sufficient to feed 1.3 billion population but emerging as a major exporter of agriculture products is a big development. At the outset, I take this opportunity to thank our hardworking farming community to make it possible.
  2. Our Mid-Day Meal Scheme is the world’s largest – serving food to over 12 crores of school children. Our success of consistently lifting millions of people out of poverty is also noteworthy. We run the biggest food security mission in the world while we are the only country with one billion bank accounts, one billion mobile connections and one billion Aadhar cards.
  3. Despite incredible diversity, we remain united and run the country democratically. Ours is the largest democracy where every adult has right to vote to elect its Government. Democratic values of the people of this country are very strong and a matter of admiration globally.
  4. I pay my gratitude to our soldiers for their courage to protect the country against all odds. It is also a matter of pride that we are one of the largest and most professional military powers in the world today. I am also happy to mention here that we in Arunachal Pradesh takes pride in having an excellent civil-military coordination. Our villagers in remote border areas have been a great support to our Defence forces enabling them to protect our motherland.
  5. Our beautiful State of Arunachal Pradesh has witnessed an immense pace of development during last few years. To start with, from unmotorable roads to a network of national highways and rural roads, from just 3 primary schools to more than 3000 schools and with no banks to network of financial institutes the State has made significant all-round development since independence. This pace of development has seen major acceleration under the visionary Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi ji who has special liking and affection for the North East India.
  6. Friends, for more than a year now, we have been fighting an unprecedented war against COVID-19. But unitedly, with everyone’s constant support, we are able to tackle this challenge successfully. Our fight against the Covid-19 pandemic is probably one of the best examples of our resolve at trying times. I know there can be no words of consolation, no gesture of support that will sooth the pain of those who have lost their near and dear ones to this pandemic. But we must salute our Covid-19 warriors and the citizens who have shown tremendous resolve and tenacity in the face of this adversity.
  7. On all aspects of pandemic management like testing, tracing, isolation, treatment and vaccination, our State has shown exemplary performance. As on today, almost 65 percent of our population has received the first dose while near 20 percent are fully vaccinated with almost 15000 doses being administered daily. We have ensured Zero Covid Vaccine
  8. To fight the pandemic, Arunachal Pradesh ramped up testing capacity by establishing multiple testing labs. Oxygen supported beds were increased from 164 to almost 1000 within a time-frame of 3 months.13 oxygen generation plants have been set up which will meet the need of oxygen for all districts. In fact, it is a matter of pride that our 5 oxygen plants were ready before the onslaught of the second wave of COVID-19.
  9. A tele-medicine hub at TRIHMS Medical College, and district Covid Control Rooms in every district have been set up. Further, the State recruited over 100 doctors and nearly 500 nurses and established adequate numbers of Covid Care Centres and facilities to provide treatment for all categories of patients.
  10. My dear citizens, while entire world was grappling with the pandemic, our visionary Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi ji taught us to think beyond the pandemic by giving us mantra of ‘AtmaNirbhar Bharat’.  We may face challenges but as our Hon’ble Prime Minister has pointed out, we also have 130 crore solutions to those challenges.
  11. While the country has taken many bold steps to make AtmaNirbhar Bharat covering areas such as industry, health, defence and many more, we in Arunachal have decided to give specific focus on Agriculture-Horticulture and allied activities.
  12. Arunachal has been bestowed with abundant natural resources and we need to ensure that these resources are not wasted but utilized for our advancement in a sustainable manner. Agriculture, horticulture, fisheries, and animal husbandry are our priority focus sectors.
  13. Our Arunachal Oranges have received GI tag. We are the largest producers of Kiwi in the country and we have started exporting fruits. Furthermore, we want to strengthen our dairy sector by adopting State-of-the-Art cattle breeding and bringing in latest technologies – aiming at creating a new ‘White Revolution’ in the State.
  14. We aim to make Arunachal self-sufficient in food grains and emerge as the fruit bowl of the country. We will be shortly launching the AtmaNirbhar Krishi Yojana and AtmaNirbhar Bagwani Yojana encompassing various farming activities through which our hardworking farmers would get support to increase the production and contribute towards doubling the farm income.
  15. I am also happy to mention here that all packages announced by the Hon’ble Prime Minister such as PM Garib Kalyan Anna Yojana, Ujjwala Scheme, PM KISAN, Jan Dhan Yojana, Emergency Credit Line Guarantee Scheme and PM Garib Kalyan Yojana have been implemented with great efficiency in our State.
  16. Health and Education are the two pillars of nation building. At the time of Independence, the country’s health and education system was poor. There were just over 7,000 hospitals and 21 universities in the country. Today, we have more than 69,000 government and private hospitals and over 1,000 universities. Our healthcare and education are globally acclaimed. The life expectancy of our citizens has increased from 32 years to nearly 70 years. And on the education front, the literacy rate has grown from an abysmal 18% to 78% today.
  17. My dear citizens, our State used to be a backward State with poor health and education facility. But today, we are proud that Arunachal Pradesh has been acknowledged as ‘Leading Small State in the fight against COVID-19’ and ‘the most enhanced Small State in Education’ by a leading national magazine.
  18. Health sector has been priority for the government to ensure affordable and quality healthcare service to the people of Arunachal Pradesh. Last year we have taken up a mission of upgrading health infrastructure by converging resources worth Rs. 450 Cr. I am happy to inform that today, work on up gradation of 17 district hospitals is going on in full speed while the work on providing better equipment is also at an advanced stage. We have also pitched in around 90 ambulances throughout the State, which will provide services to every remote corner by just dialing a toll-free number 108.
  19. Converting the MLA apartment to COVID Hospital was a path breaking decision of our government which provided valuable and timely service to hundreds of patients, saving many precious lives. Throughout the State we now have a network of health establishments capable of providing basic health care to our citizens.
  20. The government has already sanctioned a State-of-the-Art 200 bedded hospital in Ram Krishna Mission hospital in Itanagar, which would provide quality healthcare service. We have also sanctioned a 60-bedded Nursing hostel in TRIHMS and very shortly we would be commencing the work on Nursing College as well. We will also upgrade the GNM Nursing School in RKM and Pasighat into Nursing Colleges.
  21. We have adopted the latest technologies – ‘Nishtha tele-track’, a web-based platform, for monitoring and management of mild and asymptomatic Covid-19 cases under home isolation across Papum Pare district and the Itanagar Capital Region. We have also launched tele-medicine facility, which has proved its worth during the pandemic and has huge potential to provide specialized consultancy to the people from remote areas.
  22. Controlling the drug menace would be taken up in a mission mode in our State. We have recently approved ‘Arunachal Pradesh Policy on Psychoactive Substance 2021’, covering complete spectrum of controlling supply side, reducing the demand and handling treatment and rehabilitation. I would appeal to each and every citizen of our State to come forward and take it as a mission to eradicate this deadly menace from our soil. Let me assure you that government will take all efforts and provide all support on this important agenda.
  23. My dear citizens, as you are aware, the Government of Arunachal Pradesh has announced this year as Year of Education.  My Government selected schools will be developed as Model Schools, low enrolment schools will be merged into Inter Village Schools and Early Childhood Care Centers will be established in 300 schools. Focus will also be given on teacher’s training and digital initiatives. We believe in complete education that nurtures body, mind and spirit.
  24. Our ‘Mission Shiksha’ would aim at radical improvement in quality of education through all possible interventions including infrastructure up gradation, training, technological interventions, human resource management and monitoring and evaluation.
  25. We are providing high-end skill development training to our youth through Chief Minister Yuva Kaushal Yojana (CMYKY) and Prime Minister Kaushal Vikas Yojana (PMKVY), under which we have trained nearly 16,000 youth in sectors like aviation, electronics and tourism to mention a few.
  26. Like Health sector, digitization of the education sector is also our priority. We have recently launched the new integrated web portal www.education.arunachal.gov.in, which is equipped with innovative modules like ‘Know Your Teacher and Register your issue and grievances’. The first e-learning Studio is being developed at Directorate Complex, Itanagar which will provide Education to GSS and GHSS through Virtual mode. A State Level Task Force for implementation of National Education Policy has been notified and webinars are being held to disseminate the policy to all the stakeholders.
  27. The New Education Policy has given us a great opportunity to rejuvenate the education sector. We would be working towards localization of our syllabus, would focus on early child hood care and education, would spread the library movement and focus on quality of education. Through Eklavya Schools and Model Residential Schools scheme, we would be investing more than Rs. 400 Cr over the period of next three years. Higher Education would receive focused attention. We have also approved establishment of NCC Academy in Arunachal Pradesh.
  28. We have a vision to impart quality education and to provide employment opportunities to educated and deserving youths. In 2019-20 alone we have been able to recruit 115 PGTs and 404 TGTs through APSSC. In a seamless journey towards the modern education, the North Eastern Institute of Folk Medicine in Pasighat is now renamed as ‘North Eastern Institute of Ayurveda & Folk Medicine Research’. With this, Ayurvedic research and education will be imparted in the institute along with folk medicine, attracting students and scholars not only from India but neighboring countries.
  29. Friends, not many years ago, our citizens were deprived of full benefit of public distribution system for various reasons. I am proud to mention here that under National Food Security, our State has done exemplary work by streamlining PDS so that ration reaches to the remotest corners of our State. At this moment around 30000 MT of rice is available in 16 of the FCI go-downs within our State, which is sufficient to take care of at least 4 months of our PDS needs. Our performance under PMGKAY has been excellent by providing free ration to the BPL and AAY families during the Covid pandemic. Recently FCI has commissioned 700 MT go-down in Khupa in Anjaw which will provide food security to this remote district.
  30. Friends, 75 years ago, on today’s date, our forefathers established the Vision to develop India as a modern nation. In 1947, our country had little over 3,000 villages that were electrified, today we have more than five lakhs and sixty thousand (5,60,000) electrified villages; in 1947 our country had 21,000 KM of national highway, today we have over one lakh thirty thousand (1,30,000) KMs – making India the country with the second largest road network in the world.
  31. Arunachal Pradesh has built on those successes of the past and stands today to be the source of sustainable powerhouse to the entire country. Our Government has achieved some major milestones under the Power sector in the past year with dedicated efforts to ensure Power Supply to every nook and corner of the State. At present, our State has its credit of 76.57 MW installed capacity through 133 Nos. of existing small hydro power stations –benefiting the remote Administrative Centres and villages.
  32. In the Solar & Renewable Energy sector, 20,000 units of Solar Street Lights have been installed and 2,00,000 units of Solar Study lamps have been distributed to students in the State. The State has also been successfully placed in the Global Digital World as Department of Power has adopted the Digital Mode for payment of electricity bills. Online Payment, SMS services and e-billing was successfully launched for seven towns, the Mobile Payment App ‘Arunachal Power Pay’ was launched and Smart Street Lightening from Chandranagar to Papu-Nallah was successfully completed.
  33. We are also in the process of ensuring uninterrupted power supply through express 33 kV lines, 132 kV lines and 220 kV lines, and modernization of Power Distribution System through Underground Cabling. Nine towns in the State are already covered with the objective of providing 24×7 Power Supply to Consumers and providing access to power to all Households.
  34. On the auspicious occasion of 75th Independence Day, our objective is to ensure uninterrupted power supply to every household of the State and contribute the surplus power to the national grid. Despite difficulties posed by the pandemic, the work on 600 MW Kameng project has been completed. The work on Subansiri Lower project is going on in full speed and the two units with 500 MW capacity are expected to be commissioned by August 2022.
  35. Harnessing immense hydro-power potential in a sustainable manner is our priority. We are keen in partnering with central public sector undertakings to harness this potential. I am happy to announce that yesterday we have signed MOA with NEEPCO to develop 120 MW of Nafra hydro project and 90 MW of New Melling Project. Many more such projects will be offered to CPSUs in near future.
  36. Strengthening of Power distribution system in 9 towns with Rs 150 Crore is in advance stage of completion. Once completed, all these projects will enable all the districts as well as the upcoming Hydro Electric Projects in the State to connect with the National Grid.
  37. The role of stand-alone off-grid micro hydels in electrifying remote villages is immense. As such to illuminate the border villages we would take up series of such projects throughout the border areas.
  38. Recognizing the importance of providing safe drinking Provisioning of Tap Water Supply to all Rural Households is being endeavored through Jal Jeevan Mission Programme (JJM). In the spirit of Partnership in its implementation, our Government is trying to supplement some fund within its limited resources to expedite the achievement of JJM. State Government has decided to achieve the Jal Jeevan Mission (JJM) target by 2023, that is, one year ahead of National target of 2024. In pursuing that target, the State has already achieved more than 50% coverage of Functional Household Tap Connections (FHTCs).
  39. Connectivity is the key for overall development of the area. In Arunachal Pradesh, we have focused on road-air-rail and digital connectivity to eliminate the remoteness and inaccessibility.
  40. Road connectivity is the backbone of any country’s infrastructure. With the massive boost in road construction across the country, Arunachal has taken the due benefits and earmarked on a comprehensive road network development across the State. We are diligently working with all executing agencies for the better road connectivity in border areas of Arunachal Pradesh.
  41. It is a matter of pride for us that in-spite of the pandemic, leading to disruption of supply-chain, around 1,500 km of road length under PMGSY was completed in 2020-21. If we add roads constructed by PWD, BRO and others, then a total of more than 2,000 km of roads were completed in 2020- 21 with an average of 5.5 lane km per day. We have been able to connect 16 districts through the nearly 2,400 KM long Trans-Arunachal Highway. The work on Sela and Nechiphu tunnel is going on war footing and would be ready before the next Independence Day.
  42. The multitude of road and bridge projects will facilitate establishment of industrial belt in Arunachal Pradesh, boost industrialization and secure borders. We have managed to take up some critical projects such as Miao to Vijoynagar road and connecting Tali administrative headquarter. These roads will be ready by the year 2022.
  43. The construction of Package B and Package C of Naharlagun to Banderdewa Four Lane Highway will be executed in a time bound manner. Itanagar-Jote road is being upgraded to State Highway, construction of bridge over river Poma on the approach road to the much-awaited Film & Television Institute (FTI) at Jollang-Rakap has been completed. This year we have also completed Itanagar to Naharlagun four lane Highway-road. The ‘Chief Minister Comprehensive State Road Plan 2019-2024’ has also been approved which will bring improvement in connectivity.
  44. We have ensured that benefits of each scheme reach the poorest and the most marginalized. In road sector as well, the National Flagship Programme of Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana (PMGSY) is being implemented in this State with completion of around 11500 kms of roads. We are committed to keep up such works till the last unconnected village is brought under the regular road network.
  45. Air-connectivity is very important in this modern age. The work on Hollongi airport has picked up the pace and by 15th August 2022, the fights would start operating from this airport. Pasighat airport has been already operationalized and tomorrow Tezu airport will also be operationalized. We are also actively pursuing with Government of India to establish advance landing grounds at Anini, Dirang and Daporijo.
  46. As far as rail connectivity is concerned, once the land is acquired the work on connecting Pasighat with the national rail network will commence immediately. Surveys of 3 projects namely, Pasighat-Tezu-Rupai (227 kms), Lekhapani-kharsang (26 kms) and Marghareta-Deomali (26 kms) are complete and reports are submitted to Railway board. Work on Survey of Misamari to Tawang (198 kms) and North Lakhimpur-Bame- Silapathar (87 kms) is going on. With these, we will have a good network of rail connectivity in the State.
  47. On digital connectivity, central government would be providing 1683 4G connectivity to remote and border villages of the state in coming years. We strongly believe that for the State of Arunachal Pradesh with very small population spread over large and remote areas, digital connectivity is the best way to take services to the citizens.
  48. My dear citizens, I take pride in the fact that our State is the true representation of our nation’s culture diversity and unity. We are a predominantly tribal State and we have made our own contributions to India’s diversity and social empowerment and would continue to do so in the future.
  49. A few days ago, under the leadership of Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi ji a historic decision was taken by the Parliament in which the list of scheduled tribes of Arunachal Pradesh has been modified to include the indigenous nomenclature of Monpa, Sajolang, Sartang, Tai Khamti, Mishmi-Kaman (Miju Mishmi), Idu (Mishmi), Taraon (Digaru Mishmi), Nocte, Tangsa, Tutsa and Wancho to the Constitution Scheduled Tribe list. I wish them all the best as I am sure this will go a long way to ensure the rights of every tribe in the State.
  50. My Government is committed to further bolster our ethnic identities and proudly showcases our distinguished culture to the world at large. Our government has laid a strong emphasis on indigenous faith and preserving the tribal culture by taking many projects on documenting and digitizing our great culture, traditions, folklore and folk stories.
  51. Our Team Arunachal Pradesh Government has also sincerely initiated steps to resolve long standing vexed disputes and issues of the state. A high level committee has been constituted to undertake broad based consultation with all stakeholders to seek a lasting solution on the issue of Arunachal Pradesh – Assam boundary. I am happy to learn that all the stakeholders have come forward with maturity to resolve this issue.
  52. My dear citizens, I strongly believe that Arunachal is one of the most beautiful places in the whole world and we must showcase it for attracting tourists. I am happy to note that despite the pandemic the tourism publicity and promotion activities has been continued through social media and events like Siang Rush, Trans Arunachal Drive, and Eastern Arunachal Bike Rally. Recently Dekho Apna Pradesh Campaign was launched to bring awareness among people of the State.
  53. We are diligently implementing tourism-oriented schemes such Chief Minister Skill Advance Certificate Course in collaboration with National Institute of Mountaineering & Allied Sports (NIMAS), Dirang, Chief Minister Paryatan Vikas Yojana, and Chief Minister Paryatan Shiksha Yojana.
  54. My dear citizens, the Vision that we have for this sector cannot be achieved without active participation from each of you. Let us make a pledge on this day that we shall individually commit to make our State a global tourist destination. We shall ensure that our State is the safest in the country, the most beautiful and offers the most memorable experiences in terms of both place and people.
  55. My dear fellow citizens, today as we talk of success stories and achievements, each one of you and your ancestors have contributed to this success, to make this country prosper. I am happy to note that Arunachal’s per capita income today stands higher than the national average. We have managed to increase our revenue collection year upon year and have again taken the advantage of technology to launch online portals like e-Abkari to facilitate seamless online communication & ensure timely delivery of services in a transparent and affordable manner.
  56. India is on the verge of becoming an economic powerhouse and focus is on innovation as the key driver of growth. Rise of tech giants globally over the last few decades is testimonial to innovation. Innovation does not mean only inventing new technology. Innovation means to solve any kind of social problem.
  57. My dear citizens, I take pride in stating that yesterday we had inaugurated the Arunachal Pradesh Innovation & Investment Park I have always been a strong believer in the youth of our State, this park will facilitate them to bring their ideas to fruition and also go hand in hand with Prime Minister’s clarion call – ‘Vocal for Local’. We intend to support 250 Start-ups over the next five years who shall form the backbone of our innovation economy in years to come. With this we will enter into an era where job seekers will become job givers and create wealth for themselves, for society and for Arunachal Pradesh.
  58. To boost Rural Economy 3903 Self Help groups have been formed in the state. These SHGs have 34000 plus women members. In order to engage these SHGs in economic activities, seed capital through financial institutions have been extended to 1271 SHGs with Rs. 1 Lakh per group. Further the Government is proposing to assist them through Bank credit as well as grant to enable them to undertake more economic activities and make them AtmaNirbhar. These SHGs are slowly and steadily changing the economic landscape of our rural areas. I congratulate them and convey my best wishes for their endeavour.
  59. My dear citizens, it is perhaps no coincidence that India has got its best tally of medals in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. This, in my mind, is the culmination of the hard work of the athletes, renewed professionalism of the system and increased social acknowledgement of the contributions of these champions who make the country proud. It is perhaps no coincidence that North East India has been at the forefront of bringing these laurels back home.
  60. Arunachal Pradesh shall do its best to set up the best sports infrastructure so that our young athletes can compete on Global stages and win medals. We are going to set up 52 Small Khelo India Centre to strengthen sports at grassroots level, with focus on Athletics, Archery, Badminton, Football, Table Tennis, Weightlifting, Boxing, Hockey and Judo. The Sangey Lhaden Sports Academy at Chimpu has been declared as Khelo India State Centre of Excellence.
  61. Dear citizens, achievement in science and technology is the other aspiration I wish our youth to put their minds to. As we strive for a knowledge-based economy, our scholarly students must contribute to research and development domain. My government has endeavored to consistently provide knowledge platforms as we have established the Centre for Bio-resources and Sustainable Development, project for technology demonstration for the entire North-east region. We are in the process to augment the services under the North Eastern Space Applications Centre (NESAC) with whom we are going to sign an MoU very shortly. We have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Centre for Policy Research and Analysis at IIM Shillong for collaborating as a knowledge partner to build the capacity of the state government officers.
  62. Our goal here is to develop quality and competent human resources in the form of scientists, researchers through trainings for strengthening research and competitiveness building. I wish that the youth of the State will come forward to take up this challenge.
  63. One of the bigger tragedies in our journey of 75 years has been the natural disasters that we face with increasing regularity. While our State has been bestowed with abundant natural resources, we must also pledge to protect it and manage it sustainably, so that our future generations can also enjoy this bounty that we have been blessed with. Arunachal is home to many glaciers; the high-altitude wetlands and glacial lakes are the key source of water and power. The conservation and management of these lakes and wetlands should be our priority.
  64. As we continue to do our part for environmental protection, I am happy to note that the Shergaon Biodiversity Management Committee has won the India Biodiversity Award 2021 presented jointly by UNDP and MoEFCC. We have already undertaken a massive plantation drive in the State to increase the forest coverage. The air-gun surrender campaign launched by the Department of Forest has been an immense success.
  65. To protect our people and land, my Government has brought renewed focus on disaster management. Over the last few years, we have undertaken State Level Training of Community Volunteers on Disaster Response and will continue to do so in the future. We have set up five fully-equipped Regional Response Centres and arrange to station two units of National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) at Bomdila and Namsai. A Disaster Helpline number was also installed and activated for emergency response. It is my wish that in the coming days Arunachal is always prepared and never sees the kind of natural disaster that is detrimental to its people.
  66. I am proud to say that today, Arunachal has an excellent track record in terms of care towards women and children, woman empowerment and overall support to the vulnerable sections of our society. Arunachal Pradesh has recorded the best sex ratio in the country, which is an indicator of preference for female child and the status of gender equality in Arunachal. We have established crèche facility for working mothers at the Civil Secretariat. Recently one such creche has been opened in remote Hawai in Anjaw district.
  67. We also launched the ‘Chief Minister’s Bal Seva Scheme’, for providing support to children who have become orphaned due to Covid-19 and also ensured grant support for the medical treatment of Children with Special Needs. Under Pradhan Mantri Matru Vandana Yojana, 23,056 pregnant women have benefitted till date.98 Integrated Child Development Scheme Projects are currently operational in the State, covering 1,62,040 children and 19,745 Pregnant Women and Lactating Mothers, ensuring 100% coverage of services. We have made the Child Protection Services Scheme operational and established Juvenile Justice Board and Child Welfare Committee constituted in all 25 Districts.
  68. My dear citizens, in the last 75 years, we have seen multiple changes in styles of governance. Governance is a continuous process, so is improving the systems of Governance. Ever since the establishment of Arunachal Pradesh as a State and especially since my government took office, we have taken every opportunity to improve our own functioning. We have re-drawn districts and established new headquarters to achieve greater administrative efficiency, we have adopted extensive use of Information Technology through applications like Arunachal e-Services, e-ILP, CM Helpline, e-Cabinet, Secretariat Wi-Fi, JeevanPramaan, CPGRAMS etc. Presently, all major projects in the State are being regularly monitored and reviewed through the Arunachal e-Pragati. We have also established One Nation One Ration Card facility, with the e-POS machines installed in 1,640 shops, covering all the districts. And I take pride in stating that UNDP has ranked Namsai district as one of top 10 Aspirational Districts. As a next step towards fair and transparent governance, we are going to extend Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) method in all schemes where the entire entitlement of a beneficiary will be directly released to beneficiary account. For Prime Ministers Awas Yojana scheme, we have already started 100 percent DBT.
  69. I am also happy that we have implemented the e-office system in the Civil Secretariat thereby revolutionizing the way we dispose the files. Now the officers can peruse and dispose the files and dak from anywhere and we will be able to track the files so that bottlenecks can be identified and removed. Under Arunachal State Wide Area Network (ArSWAN) 96 Government offices have been provided secured and dedicated connectivity. Just two days back, we launched ArSWAN in 17 district headquarters and remote block headquarters.
  70. Law and order, especially women safety is of the utmost priority to our State. We have established women police stations in five districts and will set up the same in all districts. In the past few years alone, 21 Police Stations and 3 Fire Stations have been set up, proving our commitment to asset creation and extending security infrastructure in the State. We established three more Police stations in the Itanagar Capital Region just yesterday. Chimpu, Niti Vihar and Polo Hills Police stations will cater to effective policing and lessen the burdens of citizens in registering their grievances and also add to the safety and security of these areas.
  71. My dear citizens, on this auspicious day, let us take further pride and reassurance that the security of our country’s borders are in the safe hands of the Indian armed forces. The people of Arunachal Pradesh have always stood by them in good and bad times and will stand with them in future also. In fact, to bolster our presence at the border and to facilitate livelihood there, we have taken up multiple border road and Border Model Village development initiatives. Development of border areas would be our prime focus.
  72. Before I conclude, I would like to emphasize on the need for imbibing habit of cleanliness as a part of our life. Our villagers, by its very nature, are clean and neat. However, we need to ensure that our cities also remain clean. Implementation of Swachh Bharat Mission in letter and spirit is very important. While State Government would work in a mission mode in making our cities clean, I appeal one and all to join the hands in this mission.
  73. Dear citizens, at the end of my speech, allow me to convey my gratitude to the Parade Contingents, the students and all the people who have gathered here today. I take this opportunity to thank the Police personnel, Public leaders, Social Workers, CBOs, all Stakeholders, Gaon Burahs, Youths, Students and the Media for their constructive role in maintaining peace and tranquility in the State and their contribution to its economic progress. I also take this opportunity to appeal to the entire government machinery to rise to the occasion and work in a mission mode to achieve our desired goals in a time bound manner.
  74. It has been a personal achievement for me to stand here and speak on this glorious day of the 75th year of independence. And while we remember our past, let us also create a Vision for our future with the mantra of “Sabka Sath, Sabka Vikas, Sabka Vishwas” that would lead us towards making Arunachal an exemplary State whose philosophy is based on the principle of ‘acceptance of modernity while adhering to the traditions’!
  75. We will continue to aspire for a modern society, a state of economic independence, of social security, peace and harmony and above all a proud State.