For promotion of excellence in games and sports the state governmentis making the sports school functional. TheSangay Lhaden Sports Academy has already been established at Chimpu.Training in all disciplines of sports andgames including  martial arts, gymnastics, boxing and other sports are beingimparted by qualified and eminent coaches.The people of the state has also its unique type of indigenous games andsports, which include – archery, rope climbing, pole wrestling etc. Consequent upon 73rd ConstitutionAmendment Act 1992 which provides Con-stitutional Status to the Panchayati Raj in-stitutions, three-tier Panchayati Raj system has been introduced inthe state under the Arunachal PradeshPanchayati Raj Act 1997that came into effect from14th November, 2001.The State ElectionCommission has beenconstituted with powers to conduct elections , delimitation of constituencies andpreparation of electoral rolls of thePanchayat segments. The Arunachal Pradesh Panchayati Raj Act 1997mandated provisions for establishment ofGram Sabha/Gram Panchayat, AnchalSamiti and Zilla Parishad with reservation of seats for women.

The devolution of certain financialpower and authority to the Panchayati Rajbodies will enable them to function as aninstitution of self government to ensureparticipation of people in the great task ofrural development in this remote borderstate. The Arunachal Pradesh StateWomen Advisory Board (APSWAB) is al-ready functioning in the state and also theState Commission for Women has been constituted to look after the interest andwelfare of the women in the state.The state has introduced schemeof ‘MLA local area development fund’ tofulfill the local needs and to ensure that the elected representatives are involveddirectly in the development process.

To strengthen the judiciary in thestate and to bring justice to the door stepsof the people the Itanagar PermanentBench of Gauhati High Court has been established as per Article 39(A) of the constitution. People are encouraged to practice terrace and wet rice cultivation to discourage them from Jhuming. The agricultural product has gone upto 212 MT. The farmers of the state have  learned the importance of growing agriculture and horticultural products. Large quantities ofapple, pineapple, orange, ginger, potato,etc., are sold in the market seasonally.More number of cold  storage are to comeup in the state to facilitate preservation ofthe products of the local farmers. Local  youths are also encouraged to establish gainful enterprises such as fisheries,piggery, poultry etc., through the schemeof PMRY to augment the growing numberof unemployment.It has been decided to open thedoors for private participation in agro-based industry. Some of the sectorscoming under the agro-based industry aretea, sugarcane and ginger.

The state has vast Pisciculture potential as it has 150 varieties of fish. Paddy-cum-fish culture is practiced inLower  Subansiri district and also fishponds are established in different parts of the state privately and also with government aid.  Fishes are also sold in the market abundantly by the local farmers as an important commercial activity.Local people are encouraged by the state government to establish industrial units ranging from indigenous arts and crafts of cane and bamboo to carpet making, thangka painting and woodcarving. People also manufacture attractive furniture and baskets of cane and bamboo.