The Department is headed by the Commissioner (Tax & Excise) in the Directorate Level assisted by 1 (one) Joint Commissioner , 2 (two) Deputy Commissioners, 3(three) Assistant Commissioners, 3 (three) Superintendents and few Inspectors/Assistant Inspectors in carrying out the departmental functions. The District Establishment is headed by the Superintendent (T&E) and assisted by Inspector/Assistant Inspector, Assistant, UDC, LDC/Data Entry Operator.


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Sri Wangki Lowang

The Department of Tax & Excise, Arunachal Pradesh basically comprises of two departments and looks after the activities of the following departments:

  1.  Tax.
  2.  Excise.

The Department also looks after Narcotics and Society Registration activities.

Excise department is presently administering Excise Act and Rules and primarily deal with activities like grant of license of IMFL/Beer etc., issue of import permit, collections of excise duty and import fees, brand and label registration etc. in all the district offices.

Tax :   Tax department is presently administering Value Added Tax (VAT) w.e.f. 01/04/2005 and primarily deal with activities like registration of dealers, collections of taxes, filing of returns etc. in all the district offices.

There are approximately 3,000 dealers in this state. The whole state is divided into 20 Circle/Field offices. The Circle offices are numbered based on the geographical locations and are based in the various districts. The traders have to register in the jurisdiction of their respective Circle/Field Office.

In addition, the department has set-up 17 Border Facilitation Counters (BFC) commonly known as Check Posts to monitor the movement of incoming and outgoing vehicles and collect entry tax. The BFC’s are headed by Superintendent of Tax & Excise/Inspectors.