Governor visits Tai Khampti Singpho Museum

The Governor of Arunachal Pradesh Shri P.B. Acharya, on his final leg of the fourday
two-district tour visited the Tai-Khamti Singpho Museum cum Research Centre
in the Arunachal Pali Vidyapith Complex at Chongkham, Namsai District on 6th
August 2017. Accompanied by State’s First Lady Smt Kavita Acharya, the Governor
was ushered around the Museum by local MLA and Parliamentary Secretary
Environment & Forest Shri Chow Tewa Mein and former PCCF Shri C.K.
Namchoom, now Khampti Chief. The Museum showcases the treasured cultural
heritage of Tai-Khamti Singpho tribes.
Speaking on the occasion, the Governor called for preservation of the rich cultural
inheritance. He said that strength of India is its diversity, where every tribe,
community and their cultural richness is valued and appreciated. Our youth should
take pride in our culture, traditions and dialect. At the same time, the elders of the
society must pass on the prized legacy in order to preserve, promote and propagate
it, he stressed.
Impressed by the Tai-Khamti Singpho cultural presentation, the Governor gave a
token cash amount of Rs. 20,000.00 (Rupees Twenty-Thousand) to cultural troupes
as an appreciation and encouragement towards cultural preservation.
The Governor shared his grave concern about drug addiction in the district with
senior citizens, public leaders and monks. He said that there is a huge failure in
understanding and addressing the issue. We need to fight against this menace head
on as it is crippling about 25% of our youth in the district, the Governor point.
Let us empower our youth through right education, skill and motivation. Let us imbibe
in them the social concept of responsibilities towards the society. The sense of ‘my
wealth, my empowerment, my potential is for socio-economic development of the
society’ must be instilled in them, he emphasised.
The Governor reiterated that educated and empowered people of Tai Khampti
Singpho communities must ensure that poor and illiterate people of the society avail
maximum benefits from the welfare schemes and programmes of State and Central
Governments, including Jan Dhan Yojana, One Rupee Insurance.
Earlier, Parliamentary Secretary Environment & Forest Chow Tewa Mein and former
PCCF Shri C.K, Namchoom briefed the Governor about the challenges of the people
of Namsai, including seasonal floods, deplorable roads, security, administrational
infrastructure and drug menace.
General Secretary of Tai Khamti Singpho Council, Shri CM Moungmau, former
Director Accounts, Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh briefed the Governor about the
council, its cultural heritage and practices. He informed that only Tai KhamptiSingpho
and Monpa tribes their own scripts.
Senior citizens of Namsai, Shri Mein and Namchoom recalled their association with
Shri Acharya through Students’ Experience in Interstate Living (SEIL) in late 1960s,
which was launched by ABVP in 1966 and Shri PB Acharya was first Chairperson of
Large number of people from Chongkham and its neighbouring areas, along with
students of Arunachal Pali Vidyapith and District administration led by Namsai
Deputy Commissioner Shri R.K. Sharma and Superintendent of Police Shri C.K.
Mein received the Governor and State’s First Lady on their arrival at Chongkham.